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Mt. Washington area Lodging

Mount Washington
Cog Railway

Mt. Washington Cog Railway
Just 6 miles from Rt. 302
In Bretton Woods, NH

3168 Base Station Road
Marshfield Station, NH


Lat 44.270052
Long -71.350898

Mailing Address:
Mt. Washington, NH 03589

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Trains will be running in April & May
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The Cog has recently been featured on Motorweek Clean Cities
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Alpine Rail Enthusiasts:

Cogger ClubJoin the Cogger Club which entitles you to ride the Cog as many times as you desire until December 2014 and one free ride in the cab of the biodiesel Locomotive.

All Aboard!

The beauty of the mountains and the thrill of ascending the Northeast's highest peak are just as enchanting today as they were in 1869, when Sylvester Marsh opened the world's first mountain-climbing railroad on New Hampshire's Mount Washington.

Nearly 150 years later, the Mount Washington Cog Railway continues to provide a sense of adventure and history as it carries passengers up a 3-mile-long trestle and the steepest railroad tracks in North America to the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington. There, visitors can take in the spectacular panoramic view, spanning the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, north into Canada, and east to the Atlantic Ocean.

Passengers may choose to ride The Cog in a car powered by a historic steam locomotive or the more modern and eco-friendly biodiesel engines.

Whether examining the history and memorabilia of The Cog at the Marshfield Station, where the original Old Peppersass engine is on display, or exploring the fascinating weather and ecosystem of the mountain at the summit's Mount Washington Observatory, visitors will find plenty to thrill and entertain at the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

Hop aboard today, and enjoy the ride!

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