5 Photos of the Cog Railway you have to see to believe!

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It’s no secret that the Mount Washington Cog Railway is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With the sights of the trains, both steam & biodiesel, and the looming beauty of Mount Washington lingering in the background, there’s no end of great photo opportunities for the budding photographer.

The Mount Washington Cog Railway train rides themselves are only the beginning of your experience of a lifetime. Along with the ride you are treated to sights that need to be seen to believe. 

Let’s take a quick look at five of our favorite photos that encapsulate the amazing experience that a ride on the Mount Washington Cog Railway can provide!


1. A Fall’s Journey into Winter

The fall colors of Late September and Early October are always a beautiful sight to behold, but it’s the in-between period of fall and winter where you are treated to a surprise view such as this picture taken in late October on the biodiesel trains.

2. Frog Rock


Frog Rock is a landmark used by the brakeman when they need to know that they are arriving at a specific location on the tracks. In his downtimes, Froggy likes to greet visitors and enjoy the sights and vista himself!

3. Steam Train over the Water


The original engines of the Mount Washington Cog Railway from the early 1900s still chug along daily on the railroad. The main workhorse of the Steam fleet, MW9 Waumbek, is seen here on the old base trestle crossing over the Ammonoosuc river. Sylvester Marsh’s original trestle was located slightly back from this trestle. 

4. Panoramic Views from Waumbek


In 2006 the Mount Washington Cog Railway installed a passing loop for the trains going up on Mount Washington. With this installation of the passing track, more time was granted for visitors on the journey to take pictures and take in the sights and smells right before you cross over into treeline. In this amazing picture is a journey into the horizons of New Hampshire and into Maine as visibility reaches up to 100 miles! Yes, miles!!!!!

5. Journey to the Center of the World


It’s not everyday you get to visit the highest peak in the Northeast of the United States! Of course, the voyage is just as good as the destination. Seen here is one of our modern biodiesel climbing up above treeline offering 360 degree views to passengers. Can you say AMAZING?!


We thank you for taking the time in sharing in these amazing photos with us. Of course, the best thing about these photos is you too can take these great shots and share in these experiences also when you take a ride on the Mount Washington Cog Railway! Trips depart daily from April to November, and each season brings it’s own unique perspective of Mount Washington and the world! 

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