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A experience!

The Mount Washington Cog Railway is a narrated 3-Hour-Round Trip train ride to the summit of Mount Washington on a historic and awe-inspiring railway. Averaging around 1 hour each way, you have 60 minutes to explore and take in the Summit of Mount Washington, including the Sherman Adams Visitor Center. Inside the Visitor Center is a museum, post office, small snack bar and 360° views of the surrounding areas including up to 5 states, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean! Below, you will learn all about the Mt Washington Cog Railway, including what to expect on your journey and what other fun and excitement you and your family can have!

For even more information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions!

Historic & Fun

Cog Railway Steam Engine in the Valley
A vintage 1900's steam train climbs Mt. Washington.

Steeped in history, this marvel of 19th century technology and modern innovation is an exhilarating voyage through landscape and nature. The Mount Washington Cog Railway, a National Historic Engineering Landmark, is a “must do” for any visit to New England.

When you ride The Mount Washington Cog Railway, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure. Magnificent scenery…efficient new biodiesel locomotives and the classic steam engines (generally scheduled twice each day)…combined with a spectacular climb up the highest mountain in the Northeast provide the voyage of a lifetime.

Marshfield Station

The Beginning of an

          Your fun begins at Marshfield Base Station and the drive up Base Station Road. The Station is rich in history and was formerly a transfer point from stage coaches to the Cog , taking guests to hotels located at the summit in the 1800’s.

Today at the Base Station, visitors can peruse the gift shop, get hands on with the state of the art museum, or have a drink at the Peppersass Bar & Restaurant while observing the busy train operations before they ascend the mountain.

Marshfield Base Station at the Mount Washington Cog Railway
Marshfield Base Station sits, a jewel among the clouds.


The free Cog Railway Museum features historic displays and state of the art interactive exhibits. Ever wanted to be the engineer of a Mount Washington Cog Railway Diesel Engine? Well now you can with our train simulator! You and your family can also take a picture on a slide board and learn all about the experience!

You can also catch a screening of our Emmy-Award Winning Documentary, Climbing to the Clouds.

Kids Interactive with a exhibit at the Cog Railway Museum Photos
Our interactive museum offers additional fun!

Gift Shop

Enjoy unlimited gifts and souvenirs at the Marshfield Base Station Gift Shop!
Our Gift Shop provides lots of ways to remember your visit!

The Gift Shop features a mix of memorable gifts including apparel, toys, souvenirs and books, but also provides ample opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth with plenty of unique Mount Washington Cog Railway branded sweets and maple products produced by the owner’s family. An online gift shop where products can be purchased is available here.


Your fun starts right when you arrive here at the Mount Washington Cog Railway! 

Boarding Your Train

Upon purchasing your ticket, you select your assigned seat and assigned platform. You begin to board the train 15 minutes prior to departure, although we highly recommend arriving 45 minutes prior to departure time, as tickets purchased in advanced must be picked up at least 30 minutes prior to boarding.

A Cog-A-Razzi Photographer Takes Your Picture

Upon arriving at your Platform, a Cog-A-Razzi Photographer will optionally take your picture, then a friendly brakeman or brakewomen will scan your ticket and allow you and your family to board the train; but please note that seating is assigned. We do recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time to guarantee you sit with your family on our departures.

A historic coach train of the Mount Washington Cog Railway!
The inside of one of our state of the art coaches.

Our coaches are mechanically state of the art, however, they are built and designed at our base shops to inspire and replicate the atmosphere of the experience travelers had in the early 1900’s. 

Equipped with modern sound systems and sound reduction technology, your voyage will be narrated amidst the sounds of nature and the muted roar of the steam and diesel engines. 

You’re off to the summit of Mount Washington! Enjoy the ride!

The Summit of Mount Washington

Mount Washington Summit

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the northeast USA. Because of this, grand vistas and views are offered that are unrivaled by any other mountain on the east coast. 

In your 1 hour layover at the summit of Mount Washington, you’ll have plenty of options to explore and keep occupied! First of all, the massive Sherman Adams Summit Building houses the Mount Washington Observatory and it’s museum, several short hiking trails, gift shops, restrooms, a small snack bar and -believe it or not- a Post Office! Send friends and family a post card from the summit of Mount Washington with a unique, exclusive cancellation stamp that you can only get from the top of Mount Washington!

And that’s not all! There is the Historic Tip Top House, originally a mid-1800’s hotel, restored in the 1960’s as a museum! 

The weather on Mount Washington is noted for changing rapidly. You may be greeted by fantastic vistas or a mysterious voyage into the mist and out again!  Take the short walk to the Summit marker and take a wonderful family photo on top of the world!

The summit of Mount Washington is steep with history and more! Whether you’re exploring by train, car or hiking, it is sure to be a adventure to remember!


A trip on the Mount Washington Cog Railway is a memorable experience for all ages! With a combination of fun, history, scenery & the outdoors, a ride is sure to be one not soon forgotten!

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