The Mount Washington Historical Adventure

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MentalFloss recently published a article saying that “The Great American Road Trip Is Making a Comeback“, and we could not agree more. Part of traveling to the White Mountains is steeped in the culture of road tripping, whether by horse & buggy, train, or even just walking across the United States!

And let’s be honest; flying is just not fun this day and age. The constant stress and forfeit of control can quickly make a vacation go from the relaxing adventure in your head to just another day of work!  That’s not fun for anyone.

So with the road trip making a return to the spotlight, it’s time that we help take some of the stress off of your plate, by providing you with what we feel are some key tips to traveling the Mount Washington and Omni Mount Washington Resort area. 

“…Flying is just not fun this day and age. The constant stress and forfeit of control can quickly make a vacation go from the relaxing adventure in your head to just another day of work!”

The Omni Mount Washington Resort is a resort of history, beauty and activities. You could easily spend a day just taking a brief history trip around the property and the surrounding attractions (like us, the Mount Washington Cog Railway!). So when trying to plan out things to do near the Mount Washington Resort, it’s more a matter of picking what interests YOU rather than what IS there to do. 

Our top pick of course, is the Mount Washington Cog Railway. We’re a bit biased, BUT, believe us. The trip is something very special. The only remaining mountain climbing Cog Railway in the United States, and also the World’s First Cog Railway, there’s no greater piece of history between the two places than to visit the Mount Washington Cog Railway. In fact it was large visitation by guests in the late 1800’s that led to the creation of the Omni Mount Washington Resort!

Our suggestion is to take a scenic Steam Train that travels right to the top of Mount Washington. This experience is almost identical to the one that early visitors to the Omni Mount Washington Resort would’ve experienced, ignoring a few technological advances that contribute to safety systems. The steam train runs once a day, first train of the day starting June 18th. 

The other activities we highly recommend are ones that hark back to the early days of the resort itself, two activities that contributed to the majesty that helped made the Omni Mount Washington Resort what it is. Plus the best part? They’re fun and educational!

 Early travelers to the Mount Washington Resort & the Mount Washington Cog Railway would arrive to their destination through two major modes of transportation, horse or train. These early forms of road tripping were the stepping stones to the automatic boom, but both are still alive and well in the Mount Washington area. Like we mentioned before, visiting the Mount Washington Cog Railway can recreate the nostalgic feelings and historic viewpoints that early visitors had, but the Omni Mount Washington Resort also offers Horseback Riding sessions, so your family and yourself can explore the ground terrain just like early visitors did in the early 1900s. 

Our last and final recommendation is to enjoy a nice relaxing round on the golf course at the Omni Mount Washington Resort. Not only will you get great views of Mount Washington & the Mount Washington Cog Railway from all over the greens, you’re also playing on the same fields that they did back in the 1920’s! How cool!

If you’re looking some something more economical than extravagance, there are a plethora of hiking trails that are actually built on old logging trails all throughout Bretton Woods. Our favorites are the ones located at Zealand Campground or even right on Base Station Road in Bretton Woods New Hampshire.

So to recap, our basic itinerary goes as follows:

  • Early morning Steam Train at the Mount Washington Cog Railway
  • Mid-afternoon Horseback riding session
  • Golfing adventure in afternoon to evening!
  • Spend free time exploring historical walking trails all throughout the Bretton Woods area!

If you ask us, we’re pretty jealous of that itinerary! And if you can’t or aren’t interested in one of those, then simple! Move them around at will or interchange with visiting other area attractions! More information can be found at ExploreMountWashington.Com or VisitWhiteMountain.Com!

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