Skiing the Cog Railway

Skiing the Mount Washington Cog Railway

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Ski the cog and experience winter activities even in the spring! Skiing the Cog Railway is a skier rite of passage. Not only is it something that only a select few can do, it presents many amazing views and thrills that only Mount Washington and the Mount Washington Cog Railway can provide!

The easiest and most accessible way for skiers to enjoy Mount Washington in the winter, the Mount Washington Cog Railway Ski Paths offer the thrill and excitement that skiers crave even into the late spring when most ski areas are closed! 

Start your adventure by parking at the Mount Washington Cog Railway base station, in a maintained, safe parking environment, at the Marshfield Base Station. The parking fee is $10 per person. There is a parking toll box to deposit your payment, and parking representatives to help you start your journey.

 From there, the mountain is your wonderland, with opportunities to take any path you want up to the mountain. Don’t want to go to the summit of Mount Washington? No worries! Ski Mount Washington from any location and get a experience of a lifetime! Stop at historic Jacob’s Ladder at 4,725 Ft in elevation and experience the hills and thrills of the mountain. Or take a quick hike up to Waumbek Tank at 3,700 ft elevation and plow through the freshest snow you can find!

So join us on a winter adventure of a lifetime while you ski the Cog Railway! Just remember the golden rules:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Prepared (Bring proper equipment)
  3. Tell friends and family what you will be doing.

The Mount Washington Cog Railway does not maintain or provide support for ski trails or skiers during the winter. Make sure you are a EXPERT skier and can handle backcountry trails and hiking in the winter months. 

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