Skiing & Winter Hiking at the Cog Railway!

Looking to experience Mount Washington in the winter? Whether it be skiing Mount Washington or hiking Mount Washington in the winter, the best way to experience Mount Washington in the winter is to start your journey from the base station of the Mount Washington Cog Railway!

Starting in the Winter of 2018, on holidays and weekends, Marshfield Base Station will remain open for food and drinks (including alcohol) and select apparel and other items for sale to ensure the best winter experience you can have on Mount Washington!

The building will be open on weekends and holidays throughout the winter season. So take a exhilarating ski run down Mount Washington and finish it off with a warm hot chocolate or a nice alcoholic beverage from Peppersass Kitchen!

Access to Marshfield Base Station is free to visitors, however there is a paid permit required to use the land for activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. These can be purchased at the Guard Station located at the entrance to the Mount Washington Cog Railway or at select retail locations. 

Please read the Policies & Procedures below before purchasing Land Use Permits.

Tickets can be purchased on site at the Guard Station located at the parking entrance of the Cog Railway, or at the Ticket Office or Gift Shop.

Online pre-sales will be available shortly to expedite your adventure!

Winter Land Use Permit

$ 10
Per Person a Day
  • Allows use of Mount Washington Cog Railway lands for winter activities

Winter Land Use Season Pass

$ 100
  • Allows unlimited use of Mount Washington Cog Railway lands for winter activities for one year

Land Use Policies & Procedures

The Mount Washington Cog Railway owns 39 acres of land at the base of the Western slope of Mt. Washington and a 99 foot wide parcel of land from the base to the summit of Mt. Washington.  Although there are several hiking trails that start at the base of the cog railway and that traverse the railway property in a number of locations on and around the summit of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire State Law prohibits the creation of prescriptive easements across railroad property no matter how long such usage has been in existence. 

In addition to the use of the property to facilitate the operation of the cog railway, the property owned by the Cog Railway on Mt. Washington is used by commercial and non-profit entities for recreational and educational purposes for which fees are charged and by members of the public for recreational activities.  The primary activities occurring on the property are hiking, snowshoeing, back country skiing, mountaineering and other forms of primitive outdoor recreation as well as research and search and rescue operations.

To preserve, enhance and maintain the railway’s property for primitive recreational uses, the Railway has adopted certain land use goals, guidelines and fees for those persons or entities who wish to use the railway property and have not purchased a ticket to ride on the railway.  The purchase of a ticket on the cog railway includes the price of a land use permit.


To preserve, promote, maintain, improve and protect the property for primitive recreational purposes, secure a revenue stream to improve and maintain the property to facilitate its use for recreational purposes and to defray the costs of keeping the Marshfield Station facilities and parking open for the use of recreational users during the winter season and summer seasons.

All users of the property shall be required to purchase land use permits.  Permits are available for the day or can be purchased to cover a year period.  A day pass is $10.  A season pass is $100.  These passes can be purchased at the Marshfield Base Station, access control points, or at sales kiosks located at various spots on the property.  Use of the Cog Railway’s property without a land use permit is not permitted and violators will be asked to leave the premises and may be prosecuted for trespassing.

Users of the Cog Railway’s Property acknowledge that use of its property carries certain inherent risks in that the property is traversed by an operating railroad and the facilities associated with it.  Therefore users of the property must be vigilant in avoiding unmarked obstructions, including parts of the track and trestle used by the railway. Users of the Railway’s property for recreational purposes by buying a property use permit agree that they shall hold the railway harmless for any and all injuries they may sustain as a result of any activities they may engage in while on railway property.  The railway agrees that it will aid search and rescue operations in the event rescues are required as a result of injuries or unforeseen circumstances although there may be additional charges imposed for such search and rescue operations by the railway.

All users of the property are required to remove all refuse or trash which may be generated or result from their use of the property.  Hikers, climbers, back country skiers and others using the property shall strive to hike, snow shoe or skinny up the sides of all open areas in an effort to maintain snow coverage and quality.  Back country skiers shall maintain a safe distance from the tracks when skiing down the trails next to the tracks and shall at no time attempt to ski across or over the tracks regardless of the apparent snow coverage.

Commercial Use Policies:

Any person or entity operating a commercial or non-profit entity for which fees are charged for any services are required to secure a commercial property use permit. Applications shall be submitted to the Cog Railway before any use of its property and said entity must receive a properly signed and executed commercial use authorization form.  These forms may be obtained at access points or the Marshfield Station.  Use of the property without prior authorization is not permitted. Violators of this policy will be asked to immediately vacate the premises and may be prosecuted for trespassing.

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